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Low Cost Darkroom Techniques

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Film data is now summarised in the current minimised spreadsheet available as an OpenOffice file or in Excel format.

The latest original spreadsheet file downloads are listed below (.ods format):

Acros 100, Ilford agitation
Delta 100, constant agitation
FP4+, constant agitation
HP5+, constant agitation
PanF+, constant agitation
PanF+, Ilford agitation
PanF+, Rodinal R09, Ilford agitation

General Comments

1. Acros is included because it differs from the rest of the films in that it is extremely linear and has a sharp transition in the toe area. This differs from a normal sigmoid in the toe area making it difficult to model accurately.

However, this film has unique characteristics and it is unfortunate that it may not be in production for much longer.

2. It is no surprise that PanF+ in Rodinal is difficult to control. The combination of a fine grain film in a dilute but high pH developer gives a marked deviation from ID11 type developers. Compare the unusual gradient curves produced by Rodinal with any of the ID11b data.