Photographic Raw Chemicals List for Amateur Use

(C) 2018

The chemicals from the suppliers listed below have been checked to meet the specific requirements
stated for iron and heavy metals.

PD=paper developer   FD=film developer   S=stop bath   F=fixer   
W=water conditioning   M=miscellaneous


Name Usage Fe ppm Heavy metals ppm Other impurities Source
sodium carbonate anh. PD < 20 < 10 total copper < 2ppm Mistralni, Fast-Chem, bio-aquatek (Tata)*
sodium metaborate 4H2O FD < 20 < 10 total copper < 2ppm Fast-Chem
sodium phosphate FD < 20 < 20 total copper < 2ppm minerals-water
Sodium tetraborate 8H2O (Borax) FD < 30 < 20 total copper < 2ppm bio-aquatek, Mistralni

* Tata sodium carbonate has < 7ppm iron


Name Usage Fe ppm Heavy metals ppm Other impurities Source
Sodium sulphite anh. FD,PD,F < 50 < 20 total copper < 2ppm Mistralni
Sodium metabisulphite F,S       Mistralni, Fast-Chem


Name Usage Fe ppm Heavy metals ppm Other impurities Source
EDTA, disodium W < 5 < 30 total copper < 2ppm apcpure, minerals-water
Sodium hydroxide W       tradechemicals
Sodium tripolyphosphate STPP W     copper < 2ppm Mistralni
Ammonium chloride F       minerals-water
Sodium thiosulphate 5H2O F       Mistralni
Citric acid S       minerals-water
Trisodium citrate 2H2O S       konradchemicals
Potassium bromide FD < 5 < 20 copper < 2ppm apc-pure
Sodium chloride FD < 5 < 20 copper < 2ppm Fast-Chem
Boric acid FD < 5 < 30 copper < 2ppm Mistralni, tradechemicals
disodium phosphate W,F       sourcechemicals
monopotassium dihydrogen phosphate W,F       minerals-water

Developing Agents

Name Usage Fe ppm Heavy metals ppm Other impurities Source
Metol FD,PD
Hydroquinone F,S
Phenidone FD       Silverprint, wetplatesupplies

Scales: 50g 0.001g resolution     500g, 0.1g resolution

Bag Filters: 1 micron polypropylene felt 4.3" x 8" from

1. Where no impurity levels are specified, assume normal technical grade chemicals. Only developers are
potentially susceptible to iron, heavy metals and iodine.
2. All chemicals are anhydrous unless shown as hydrated.
3. Most sources are found on - use the advanced search to locate supplier.
4. Water impurity levels can be checked via your local supplier. For photographic purposes, apart from
water hardness, they are very low. For example the regulatory limit for iron is 0.2 ppm and for heavy
metals is around 0.090 ppm. In the London area, iron is present at around 0.003 ppm and total heavy
metals is less than 0.005 ppm, total hardness is 275 ppm
5. Impurity source data based on "Photographic Processing Chemistry" L. F. A. Mason,
Focal Press, 1962, chapter 2.